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Assortment Bag 650 grs.

7.57 € / Kg


With this 600 g bag assortment you will delight all your guests this Christmas. The best way to enjoy the flavors and textures of Christmas without giving up anything. In this careful assortment you can find among others:

Homemade mantecado

Almond polvorón

Wine and almond donut

Almond butter

Cinnamon ice cream

Cocoa butter

Lemon shortbread

Coconut butter

Almond alfajor



Coconut ball

Nut bonbon

Crispy bonbon

Raisin bonbon

Almond sabrina

Almond stuffed with almond.

Our mantecados and polvorones have the quality seal of the PGI Mantecados y Polvorones de Estepa.


All these delicacies come in a 650 gr bag. It is also available in other sizes such as 400 gr case, 2 kg case and 5 kg box.

Ingredients, Allergens and Nutritional Table

Check the information on ingredients, allergens and nutritional table of each of the products that make up the assortment:

Homemade mantecado, Almond polvorón, Wine and almond donut , Almond butter, Cinnamon ice cream, Cocoa butter, Lemon shortbread , Coconut butter , Almond alfajor , Chocoalmond , Roscochoco, Coconut ball, Nut bonbon, Crispy bonbon , Raisin bonbon, Almond sabrina Y Almond stuffed with almond.

Contains gluten, nuts, sesame, sulphites, milk and its derivatives (including lactose) and soy. May contain traces of peanuts.


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