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A wide selection of Christmas products to sweeten the holidays

We present the Dulces La Ponderosa shop, a cozy and charming space, inspired by the tradition and the origin of our products. In our shop you will find a wide range of Christmas sweets: Mantecados, polvorones, marzipan, nougat, chocolates ..., handcrafted by the hands of our experts and respecting the traditional recipes of our ancestors, thus maintaining the authentic taste of Christmas.

In Dulces la Ponderosa the most important thing is our customers, therefore, we take care of every step, from the selection of raw materials, through the preparation and packaging, to the sale of our products, to ensure the best quality and a close and personalized treatment.

To satisfy the tastes of our customers, we have different carefully selected assortments with elegant packaging, as well as the sale of bulk products to combine as you wish. At the Dulces La Ponderosa store we will be happy to assist you.