Almond Alfajores

Almond Alfajores

What are almond alfajores? Are one of the most typical Christmas sweets, along with polvorones and mantecados. Hand made, with high quality ingredients, such as Malaga almonds, and following traditional recipes, it is achieved a totally handmade product loaded with tradition and flavor.

It’s a Typical Christmas sweet of Spanish pastries, with a strong presence in Andalusia and Murcia, although in some places such as Medina Sidonia, Cádiz this product is manufactured all year round, thus becoming a typical product of the area. Alfajor is a product of Andalusian origin.

What’s more, In the rest of the world, for example, in Argentina, Chile or Peru, alfajores are also made , although both the process and the ingredients are different from those made in Andalusia.

This product also occupies a relevant position in the production of Christmas sweets for which Estepa is really recognized, in addition to its typical mantecados and polvorones. All of them made under the quality seal of the Regulatory Council of Estepa.


What do almond alfajores contain

The mass is obtained from a mixture of wheat flour, sugar, Iberian lard, almonds, cocoa powder, cinnamon, Matalahúva, sesame seeds, cloves, and aromas of anise and almond. In the case of the almond and honey Alfajores for the dough, the sweet potato and of course, the honey are also incorporated as ingredients.

Where to buy almond alfajores

Our factory and store is located in: Avenida Andalucia 227, 41560, Estepa .

On Sweets La Ponderosa the important thing is our clients, that is why we adapt to the new times and with the creation of our e-commerce, We bring the best Christmas products to your home.

Types of almond alfajores

Almond alfajores

One of the most typical Christmas products, along with mantecados and polvorones

Almond and honey alfajores

The traditional aljafores with a touch of honey that provides an unequaled sweetness.


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