What is marzipan? It’s a sweet made from sugar, almond and egg. In Andalusia it is consumed mainly at Christmas, although, in Toledo , where the marzipan comes from It has become a sweet that is made all year round.

Regarding its origin, there are several versions, being able to be manufactured in ancient Greece, in Italy … but The original elaboration of this Christmas sweet is attributed to the city of Toledo, in 1212, after the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa. As a result of the famine caused when the battle ended, the nuns of the San Clemente convent made a kind of highly nutritious sugar and almond paste that met the needs of the population.

Thus, the renowned Toldeo marzipan has become today a denomination of origin product of the area, with a unique quality and way of producing it.


What do marzipans contain

The marzipan dough is obtained from mixing high quality ingredients such as mainly peeled almonds, sugar and egg.

The quality of this rich sweet is measured in terms of the% of almonds that its mass contains. To be considered an extra quality marzipan, it must contain at least 5% more almond and that this almond has a fat percentage of at least 50%. As for manufacturing, the traditional recipe is based on 50% almonds and 50% sugar.

Marzipan, along with Estepa mantecados and polvorones, are one of the most typical sweets consumed at Christmas. At Dulces La Ponderosa we make different types of marzipan, from the traditional Almond caprice, marzipan figurine with piñonate, saint’s bones, almond sighs …

Where to buy Estepa marzipan online

Since 1955 at Dulces La Ponderosa we have been working for and for our clients. Our factory and store located Avenida Andalucia 227, 41560, Estepa . offers the full range of our.

One of our added values is the human team behind the development of each of our products. its professionalism and dedication coupled with the use of top quality raw materials and the artisanal elaboration , make Dulces La Ponderosa products a snack with a traditional aroma and incomparable flavor.

At Dulces La Ponderosa the important thing is our customers, that is why we adapt to the new times with our Online store, where we sell the traditional Estepa ice cream , in addition to other products. We bring the best homemade mantecados from Estepa to your home. We also have experience of selling abroad, so you can enjoy this delicious Christmas sweet anywhere in the world.

Types of Marzipans


Traditional marzipan covered with a delicious layer of pine nuts.

Glory Cake

Glory cakes are rectangular marzipan cupcakes filled with candied yolk

almond sighs

Almond sighs

Delicious marzipan with icing inside

piece of marzipan

Piece of Marzipan

Marzipans presented in pieces of different figurines

almond whims

Almond whims

Soto’s traditional marzipan

Bones of saints

Bones of saints

They are made with marzipan dough that is given a cylindrical shape and filled with yolk

Marzipan figures

The marzipan of a lifetime with shapes of different figures

Unsweetened marzipan

Delicious Christmas cakes made from almond and egg, but without sugar.


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