Our history and tradition

La Ponderosa is a family business from Estepa that since 1955 has traditionally made Christmas sweets. Our products have not changed with the passage of time, they preserve all their flavor and aroma, made as before, with love, keeping the same artisan recipes of our ancestors, recipes that are saved and transmitted only from generation to generation.

The wide range of our products make up a harmonious combination. Each of our products keeps all the flavor and the aroma of Christmas. And we just want with our sweets that with each bite we emulate memories of the past, as well as enjoy such important dates with your family and friends.

As a result, the use of the best raw materials produces a high quality product, capable of satisfying the most demanding palates. .

Craft products with years of tradition

Since 1955 Dulces La Ponderosa has been working on handicraft products in which there is proof of the tradition and years of hard work.

Referent company in the sector

Although our company already has acknowledgments, as a goal or vision of the future, we intend to become a benchmark in the market for Christmas sweets.

Professionalism and Quality

Among our values we emphasize perseverance, tradition, effort and a lot of hard work, but without a doubt our maxims are: the professionalism of the whole team as well as the quality of our products.