Manufacture on request

The products are made on request , which is why it may not be in stock at the time of purchase, so it can take a maximum of one week to manufacture and ship, so you have a fresh product from your factory home.

Delivery conditions

The packages are usually sent in 24 hours after receipt of your payment. Delivery without signature.

If you want a delivery with the signature, an additional charge, thanks to the contact with us. Whatever the selected shipping method, we will present as soon as possible, a link that allows you to track the online shipment of your package.

Shipping costs include packaging, handling and shipping. They can contain a fixed and a variable part based on the price or the weight of your request. We recommend you to consolidate your purchases in a single command.

We can not group two different orders and you have to pay shipping costs for each one. Your package is sent at your own risk, special attention is given to parcels containing fragile objects.