Polvorones de Estepa

Polvorones de Estepa

What are polvorones? They are a typical Christmas sweet . Native to Estepa , where, from the century XVI It was common to use lard in baking thanks to the abundance of holm oaks in the forests, the habitat where this animal breeds. This dessert is born by a surplus production of wheat and this butter . The first sales document dates from 1559 , signed by the Order of Santiago in favor of a Genoese banker, where Tristán Gómez was a witness as a pastry chef .

Our town, located in the southeast of the province of Seville, concentrates all the industries that are dedicated to the production and packaging of polvorones and mantecados included in the Protected Geographical Indication, “ Polvorones de Estepa “and” Mantecados de Estepa “.

At Dulces La Ponderosa we claim our raw materials as a symbol of quality, all this together with the fact that we continue to respect the recipes of yesteryear makes this product a guarantee of quality and flavor.


What do polvorones contain

Our polvorones are made from butter, sugar, flour and whole almonds, mass that later bake . The result is an oblong-shaped, toasted brown candy that is sprinkle with icing sugar , giving it that traditional white color. It is compact on the outside but tender on the inside , with the surface slightly cracked and very smooth on the palate.

For Sweets La Ponderosa the almonds are the raw material par excellence from our factory. 100% Spanish almonds. We bet on add a higher percentage of whole almonds in our polvorones, which, together with our artisanal elaboration in which we respect the recipes of our ancestors, make their texture is much smoother on the palate.

Where to buy polvorones de Estepa

Since 1955, at Dulces La Ponderosa we have worked to produce quality products to satisfy the most demanding palates. Our factory and store is located in: Avenida Andalucia 227, 41560, Estepa .

Here lies one of our added values, the human team behind each of our products … The professionalism and dedication of our team coupled with the use of quality raw materials and the elaboration trough nal, they make Dulces La Ponderosa’s products a snack with a traditional aroma and unbeatable flavor.

At Dulces La Ponderosa the important thing is our customers, that is why we adapt to the new times with our Online store, where we sell the traditional polvorón from Estepa , in addition to other delicacies. We bring you the best handmade polvorones from Estepa. We also have experience of selling abroad, so you can enjoy this delicious Christmas sweet anywhere in the world.

Types of Polvorones de Estepa

Special selection

Our gourmet polvorones, with sustainable packaging

Hand made

Our polvorones with more whole almonds

Gift boxes

Give sweets and tradition to your loved ones

almond polvorón


All the flavor of the traditional polvorón without added sugar


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